Our goal is to treat arthritis or muscle pain safely without drugs.​

We believe that God gave us what we need to do that in the world around us. For this reason, we work hard to create natural topical medicines that specifically target the area that hurts. We prefer to focus on topical applications in order to avoid the toxic effects of pills or NSAIDs.

Dr. Gismondi’s Arthritis Rub is currently our only product, but we are very proud of it and have spent years refining the formula which includes Arnica flower extract, MSM, menthol, aloe vera gel, rosemary flower extract, boswellia (Indian frankincense), German chamomile, and more.

Formulated by rheumatologist Dr. Pedro Gismondi, this rub absorbs quickly to penetrate inflamed and painful areas, and then it works for hours to restore range of motion and flexibility. This makes it ideal for athletes before and after workouts to speed recovery.

It works well to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis where the cartilage is worn out and the pain is more “mechanical” than inflammatory. It also contains Arnica montana, a world class pain killer and anti-rheumatic medicinal herb already widely used by plastic surgeons for swelling and bruising.

In other words, it’s not just for arthritis!

It contains no capsaicin (hot pepper) or salicylates (aspirin). Avoid the risks of pills to the stomach, the heart, and most specially, the kidneys. Why put arthritis medication in your system if you can do the same or better with our rub?

On a more personal note,

Dr. Gismondi has always been committed to caring for patients with rheumatic diseases, such as Lupus and arthritis, painful muscles and joints, and fragile bones. He prefers working in partnership with patients and their families to increase their knowledge about the disease and treatment options.

He has been familiar with herbal remedies since his childhood. He still has an herbolario, a book about herbal remedies, that describes everything that his mom used to treat her children. This has always been a fascination of his, and he balances this time-honored folklore with modern medicine. By doing this he is able to formulate remedies that actually work.

He also pays careful attention to the German E-Commission monographs, known as one of the top standards for herbal medicine in the world, as well as publications by the World Health Organization. Both of these are excellent sources of information on natural medicine that are less influenced by the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists or by financial concerns.

Staying current with research and published studies as well as constantly learning about the secrets of natural medicine all around the world assures a holistic product unparalleled in efficacy, respect for Creation, and safety.

The primary preparation that Dr. Gismondi has formulated is the “aches and pains” rub that has gone by several names: Dr.G’s MSM Rub, Dr. Gismondi’s Rub, and Classic Rub. Its newest formulation released in 2006 is Dr. Gismondi’s Arthritis Rub which is stronger than the Classic Rub formula was. It contains 3.3% menthol, a strong analgesic approved by the FDA, the full strength of Arnica montana, and a few other wonderful medicinal herbs.

Meet the team

Dr. Pedro Gismondi

Pedro Gismondi

President, CEO, and Delivery Boy

Dr. Gismondi was trained in Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He later completed specialty Fellowships in Rheumatology at Indiana University and the Emory Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. He had a full-time rheumatology practice in Oklahoma City, OK until June 2004 when he retired.

Dr. Gismondi was born in the coastal town of Mollendo, Peru. He emigrated from South America in the 1960s, and was granted U.S. Citizenship in the early 1980s.

Glenda Gismondi

Glenda Gismondi

Director of Operations, Receptionist,
and Everything Else

Dr. Gismondi married a Georgia “peach”, Glenda. Glenda graduated from Tift College with a BS in Education, and taught school for many years after that. She was Pedro’s office manager in his practice for 15 years, and she spent several years in both corporate and medical offices while Pedro was finishing his rheumatology fellowships.

Together they live in northwest Oklahoma City. They have three children and five grandchildren. Mark and his wife Tammy (with Asher, Ana, and Pierce), Michael and his wife Maddy (with Caleb and Daniella), and Matthew.

Dr. and Mrs. Gismondi are now also doing full-time missionary work through Regency Ministries International, a non-profit medical missions organization they started in 2005.