A Laboratory Glitch

I had “updated” my wonderful Arthritis Rub formula by increasing the Arnica flower extract to improve the effectiveness of it. The lab made a small change on the side – which had not been planned by me – and I ended up with a brand new batch which is no longer a gel but a cream. I intend to do a step back on the formula and produce the intended gel. It changes only the appearance, but I like the gel better. So I am working with the lab to do this. Meanwhile, you may receive a cream jar instead of the usual gel. Never fear. The quality, and herbal aroma are unchanged. The strength of the new preparation is better as intended. I have had known users test it and they are quite impressed for the better. If you have a question about any of this, you may reach me personally at (405)206-8600. Blessings to you all.