What people are saying about Dr. Gismondi's Arthritis Rub:

Arthritic pain in legs helped

I am always in arthritic pain especially in my legs. I received a jar of Dr. Gismondi’s Rub as a gift. I tried it a few times and did not feel it was helping any more than most products I tried. I did use the product until it was gone. I then went back to my other products I had always used. That is when I realized there is a difference. It does work better. I called and asked for more. I am telling my neighbor who is also in severe pain. It really does help.

—Sara C

Recommend to my patients

I recommend Dr. Gismondi’s Rub to my patients and have found that they are pleased with its effectiveness. It is especially helpful at times when icing is just not practical. I have used it myself and can agree with my patients that it is safe and effective.


Helped Rheumatoid Arthritis and TMJ

Dr. G’s Rub has produced incredible results for both my mom and myself. My mom has post-polio syndrome as well as rheumatoid arthritis. She has tried other creams, but did not like the strong odor that lingered with one, and didn’t like the texture of another. She was excited about trying something that gave her relief within minutes, but without the strong odor and stickiness. Dr. G’s Rub is the only thing that I have found to help relieve my severe TMJ. A friend suggested that I give it a try by rubbing a very small amount on my forehead and cheek, avoiding the eye area. My face instantly relaxed relieving the migraine that accompanies the TMJ. My friend also commented on how much more relaxed my features looked. Her son said he also gets the same results using it on his severe TMJ. My mom and I will always have at least one jar of Dr. Gismondi’s Rub on hand!

—Ann J

Sleep like a baby

This is so great for my aches and pains. I keep it by my bed, and when I can’t sleep I reach for it. Like a baby, I fall asleep when I rub a little bit on.

—Carol L

Hip pain gone

I was given a sample of Dr. Gismondi’s Rub this morning from my pharmacy. I went home put it on my hip that I have pain in all the time. I could not believe how fast it worked and how long it minimized the pain. Much better than the other rub that is so popular. I went back to the pharmacy and bought a jar of it. Thank you, Dr. Gismondi.


Neck spasms and old injury pains helped

I cannot imagine not having Dr. Gismondi’s rub. I have chronic severe neck spasms and old injuries from my neck to my wrists, and in my knees, hips, and ribs. Most are from years of sports injuries and horseback riding. This is the first rub out of many that does not burn my skin no matter how many times I use it. In the past the only relief I got was from strong muscle relaxers and strong pain medicines which I do not care to take. I am excited to have a wonderful rub without any side effects but with wonderful relief.

—Cheryl M

Arthritis pain helped

My hands had almost constant pain from arthritis on a daily basis. Since I began using Dr. Gismondi’s Rub I am now able to function and use my hands in my real estate business. It is amazing how fast it works and how much relief it has. Recently I spent the day helping a friend scrape old wallpaper, layers of it, from her hall. Normally it would take days for me to recover from that kind of work. That night I was in so much pain, I did not think I could ever sleep. I used the rub right after a hot bath and went to sleep almost immediately. I woke with some pain about 3:00 AM, used it again on hands, legs, back, etc., and went right back to sleep until after 7:00 AM the next morning when I awoke feeling fine. I used it again to be safe and went to my fitness center and did my usual workout.

—Shirley S

Chronic pain relief

I got my samples at the FM/CFS conference… I have tried about everything my doctor has had to offer as far as over the counter supplements and rubs go, even the essential oils that sell for $45 for 1/5 oz, but nothing short of Percocet brings me the relief that your rub does. My arms hurt so bad last week, I was wishing that I could just take them off! I decided then to look you up on the web and order some. I refuse to stay in pain if there is something that will bring me comfort. I look so forward to getting this stuff. I’m counting the minutes. Thanks so much for making such a great product available for us chronic pain sufferers who try to avoid narcotic therapy, or in some cases who use narcotics from time to time and still don’t get the relief we feel we should for such a high-powered opium drug. I will definitely be ordering more. I just wanted to order one jar the first time to get an idea of how long it will last. Keep me on your e-mail list for new products, I’m always excited to try something new.

—Deborah B

Bursitis pain gone

I can’t say enough about Dr. Gismondi’s rub. For the past year I’ve been seeing doctors for bursitis in my hip. I’ve had three steroid shots, physical therapy, and am taking Celebrex. Finally, in December my husband remembered to tell me that his doctor recommended Dr. Gismondi’s for his tendonitis in his elbow, so I picked up a jar. I used it for two weeks and raved about it. My husband finally hurt bad enough to try it, and now we’re having to buy our own jars. I didn’t think I’d ever find anything to help and now I’m able to work out five times a week and not hurt AT ALL, and he said he can sleep through the night without waking up with his arm in pain. Thanks so much Dr. Gismondi, you’re the best!


Best one I have used

I am very impressed with Dr.Gismondi’s rub. Matter of fact, I used it last night on my lower back. As you know, I have much experience with these type of products and can seriously say, I believe this is the best one that I have used. I was sore all day yesterday and after I put it on I felt fine and slept well.

—Marketing firm with experience in pain creams